Day 7; Friday 26 July 2019

Seal Bay, Vinalhaven Island

Updated: 5 July 2019

Seal Bay

Chart of Seal Bay, Vinalhaven I

Port Captain:

  • John Butler

Cruise / Fleet Activity:

  • Cruise ~26 nm from Tenants Harbor to Seal Bay, Vinalhaven I


  • No shore-based venue


  • Anchoring only.


  • The anchorage is large, elongated, with many aeas to choose among which may be limited by other visitors.
  • There are many deep holes but it is possible to anchor on their perimeter
  • Holding is good
  • There is essentially 360º protection
  • The wild card is how many other boats are already at anchor
  • Winter Haven is also a great achorage nearby
  • If both these areas are too crowded, backrack to Carver Cove to the N.


  • None available


  • After making the entry at Winter Harbor, Seal Bay is reached by a turn to the S. Passages are narrow but deep.

Local Restaurants:

  • None in local area

Cruise Social Activities:

  • None planned as of 4 July
  • A good place for an ad-hoc dingy raftup with cocktails and appetizers; dinners with friends aboard…

Things to Do:

  • Explore the many nooks and cranies of the area and you will likely find many groups of seals basking on the rocks.