Day 6; Thursday, 25 July 2019

Tenants Harbor

Updated: 16 July 2019

Tenants Harbor Boat Yard

Tenants Harbor Chart

Port Captain:

  • Burt & Karen Spoerl


  • Navigate from Pemaquid to Tenants Harbor


  • Tenant Harbor Boatyard boat shed


  • Appetizer competiton. The details to be announced at Registration 20 July.

Local Knowledge


  • This is primarily a working harbor and moorings are scarce
  • Moorings are available from two sources:
    • Tenants Harbor Boatyard
      • Has a Limited number of moorings available
      • Mooring reservations may be made through Dockwa - After 0800 15 May
    • Cod End;
      • Contact: Susan Miller;; 207-596-6317 (phone or text)
      • Has 7 - 8 moorings available.
      • Susan needs to know your draft as some of her moorings are at the shallower part of the harbor.
      • Note Cod End as a business entitiy ceased operation in 2013; the property is leased out to Lukes Lobsters & the Tenants Harbor Fishermans Co-op. The Co-op does not sell fuel or allow tie-ups except for dinghy's going in to eat at Lukes


  • NO anchorage is available within the main harbor due to increased commercial traffic.
  • The adjacent anchorage is in Long Cove to the west of Northern and High Islands just outside the harbor to the north.
  • Navionics charts for Long Cove show 9' to 11' depths.
  • Available area to anchor is limited by some permanent moorings.
  • The harbormaster says those areas have good holding and are safe except in strong northerly winds.
  • The tides run about 9.3 feet flood to ebb in late July, so be mindful you haveenough depth, swing and scope if you chose to anchor.


  • Tenants Harbor Boatyard;
    • Has limited dockage available
    • $2.50 / foot for no power
    • $2.75 / foot for 30A power
    • $3.00 / foot for 50 A power
    • Diesel, gas, ice, water and dingy space is available
    • The low tide depth along the dock is 7 ft
    • Parking is available for those who might be attending in vehicles. Contact Yard Manager
    • Contact: Cullen Teel, Yard Manager,; 207-372-8063
  • Cod End

Tenants Harbor Cod End pier and work float. Note public / fishermens float is below this in photo