Cruise Communications


  • Corinthian Skippers are strongly encouraged to monitor VHF Ch 16 at all times — very important in crowded waters.
  • During the Cruise, Fleet Communications will be conducted on VHF Ch 69
  • Most marinas in Chesapeake Bay monitor VHF Ch 16
  • Radio Checks: VHF Ch 27 is an automated radio check system located at Back Creek Annapolis that covers the Cruise Area. To use: Tune to Ch 27; transmit; then listen for a playback of your transmission. Provided by SeaTow

VHF Chanel for Marine Resources:
Ch 17 Annapolis Harbormaster
Ch 09 Annapolis City Marina

Communications with Cruise Website & Official Unofficial Webmaster
  • Email:
  • Text: 410-990-0060 [Use to send standard text (SMS) messages regarding Cruise activities. This is SV Onward's boat cell phone.]
  • Note: these emails and messages are monitored by Joe on SV Onward - so blame him…

US Coast Guard
In the 2018 Bay Discovery Cruise Area the USCG refers to itself as: US Coast Guard NCR — National Capital Region